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The Benefits of Marriage Mentoring

When my husband Ron and I were married, we were privileged to have my grandfather and his uncle officiate our ceremony. What a blessing! But during the weeks leading up to the big day my dear, soon to be husband, was concerned my conservative pastoral grandfather of 89 would be upset we hadn’t done any … Continued

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Energize Your Marriage

Do you want to energize your marriage? Then upgrade your communication skills. Recently we upgraded our computers. We got rid of old files and added new features to make them more efficient. Frankly, it was a little scary, but now we love our more powerful computers. No way would we go back to the old … Continued

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Marriage: Follow the Golden Rules

At a recent wedding reception we met a delightful couple who had just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary.They were in their eighties, but you could have fooled us! Articulate. Charming. And the way they smiled at each other was more like the bridal pair than an older married couple. They had just finished reading our … Continued

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